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Gien was founded in 1821 by Thomas Hall, an Englishman who wanted to introduce fine English earthenware manufacturing techniques in France.
Production first began with functional tableware, and then went on to make fancier dinnerware, decorative pieces and tableware emblazoned with notable families' coats of arms.
The factory works non-stop on improving quality and developing artistic creativity. By following this philosophy, Gien has produced exceptional pieces, which it has presented at the various Universal Exhibitions from 1855 to 1900.
In the 20th Century, in spite of wars and other crises, modernization and creation continued.

Today, Gien is both the number one producer of the highest quality earthenware in France, and a top-selling company both at the national and international levels. Its product lines are highly unique and distinguish themselves from other faience-earthenware with rich, refined and varied shapes and styles. Louis Grandchamp has headed the Gien Factory since January 2002.
Gien Earthenware is without any doubt the most prestigious French manufacturer of earthenware. Its fame comes from flawless know-how, and from striving to blend craftsmanship and industrial processes, bringing tradition and creativity together.

*Qualities of earthenware:
Faïence de Gien is appreciated for the richness of its warm colours and its forms.
Its paste is soft, porous and opaque. It is partly manufactured manually in an artisanal manner. Thus, it naturally bears very distinct signs of the hand.

*Difference in colour in certain designs:
Some of our designs are hand-painted; the quantities of colours deposited can be variable.
Other designs are stamped by manual transfer. This process leads to colour matching which confers the authenticity of this type of design.
For the other designs, we take special care to respect the work of the author. Thus, we reproduce the models entrusted to us, as faithfully as possible.

*Traces of firing at the back of the pieces:
This is the incontestable proof of our products.
Loyal to the firing of the earthenware, the pieces are generally fired on three supports which leave traces, this in order to guarantee integral glazing of our products.

Non-glazed cup base:
The small pieces are an exception to the previous rule. They present very little surface to allow stable support, on three supports, during firing. Consequently, the glaze is removed from the bases of these products but treated to remain non-absorbent and to guarantee the hygiene of the product.

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