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The MaracujáDecor accepts the following Payment Methods

1. Debit card and Credit card, Visa and MasterCard 
2. Bank Transfer (NIB 0010 0000 45848200001 05)
Payment by Debit or credit card, Visa or Mastercard 
Maracujá has integrated the Redunicre E-commerce solution in order to securely accept payment for your purchases with credit cards, Visa and Mastercard and Debit cards also. In these transactions the customer does not insert any  card data in the store MaracujáDecor but in a external page of Unicre. Therefore, the MaracujáDecor does not have access to your credit card details at any stage of payment. Redunicre E-commerce solution is certified by Visa and MasterCard to use the 3D Secure protocol, currently the most advanced security protocol for Internet sales. 

Security of payments with a credit card 
Through Unicre will be asked your credit card number VISA or MASTERCARD. Additionally, you will be asked the name of the registered proprietor on the card, expiration date and security code - CVV (Verification Code) which is in the back of the card on the right place for the signature of the holder and consists of three digits. 

The same card, with more online safety 
The MaracujáDecor ensure the complete security of your online transaction. Verified by Visa (VbV) is a new service that allows you to shop online with greater confidence. 
Through a simple checkout process, VbV confirms your identity when making a purchase at online store. It is a convenient service that works with your current card. 
VbV is very easy to use. You only need to register your card with the issuing bank. Later, when making a purchase in stores online subscribers, the system verifies your identity and your purchase is made. 
To activate the VbV to your Visa or if you want to know more information, contact the Bank issuer of your card. 

The possibility of using debit cards as payment on the Internet depends on the card issuer, it is necessary that authentication is not done automatically by pin. 

Bank Transfer 
After completing your order you should make a bank transfer of the total amount of your order to the NIB (Bank Identification Number) of MaracujáDecor. Then you only need to send us proof of this transfer by email or fax, stating your customer name and order no. 
Your order will be shipped after bank confirmation of the successful transfer. 

Policy Rates 
The Portuguese VAT rate is applied only to orders placed by private consumers residing in Portugal or in any other EU country. 
On orders from outside the European Union, VAT is not applied. Tax free 

When buying in Maracujá can choose their local currency that our system will do an automatic conversion of values. However, please note that this service is available only as an indicator. Your purchases are always debited in euros

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